Fear, Envy, and other reasons I sometimes don’t respond to blogs.

It’s as real as…insert simile here. (Mine is at the bottom)

Confession: I am, at times, afraid to respond to other people’s blogs. This may be due in part to reasons that are real, imagined, or otherwise too confusing to mention. Hence the mind purge:

I am overwhelmed by the content of the blogs I read.

I need time to process what’s been written(always a good excuse not to respond). Most of the time, it takes me 2 or 3 reads to genuinely process the content. This buys my brain time to catch up to new concepts. The term out of my intellectual league has come to mind while marveling at the ideas of others.

What’s been written is so frighteningly and mindbogglingly awesome that nothing I add would ever edify the original thoughts shared.

Responding to blogs takes confidence, time, and skill to build on original ideas. It took some time to develop my confidence to respond to a blog without sounding like a fan boy. I had to come to terms with why someone would want to read my 2 cents worth.

Be patient, buy yourself some time reading the responses and replies of others before dipping your toe into that abyss. With practice you’ll develop your own style. Make sure they are respectful even when you disagree. I try to reduce my responses down to more of a mind purge provoked by reading a particular post or other.

I am envious of the thoughts and words which have been so aptly crafted into powerful posts by others.

How come someone’s words resonate so eloquently and so naturally? I‘m jealous that others have been able to come up with a tonne(metric) of cool posts first. Is that so wrong? Could turning my envy into something positive take away my reluctance to “reply” writer’s block?

I fear that by responding, I am leaving myself out there to be criticized for not understanding the true message of the author.

Not responding to blogs is a safe way of not sticking your neck out. Sharing a hasty reaction can be confused as a sign of singular, or potentially misguided thinking. Sometimes it’s better to walk away than to engage, but what fun would that be?

So I apologize if I haven’t responded to your blog yet. I am working it all out in good time while learning how each time I respond allows me a chance to improve my own work going forward, while leaving fear and envy out in the cold.

— …a bad day dream.—


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