mixtape1285 – My TED-Ed Innovation Project

Proud to work with this energetic and innovative educator. In this post Jimmy shares, the power of Story Corps. It is a great asset to any classroom or learning community. Enjoy.

EdTech Avenger

7176382One of the cooler things I have going on right now is my involvement in the TED-Ed Innovative Educator program. It’s funny how your life changes in unexpected ways – when I became a TED-Ed Club facilitator in 2014, I never dreamed I’d become so involved with TED. Since that spring, I’ve organized a TEDx event (TEDxLFHS – the second event is coming in May!), attended TEDYouth in Brooklyn, and even traveled to Switzerland to take part in TEDGlobal>Geneva. But I think the most rewarding aspect by far – besides seeing students on a TEDx stage – is the TED-Ed Innovative Educator (TIE) program. There’s a lot of these programs out there (Google Certified Innovator, Microsoft Innovative Educator, PBS Digital Innovator…I’m certain the list goes on), but what makes TED so special is the people (the peeps at TED HQ are as nice, smart and progressive as you’d imagine)…

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