…why I hate Jell-O

I am going to provide some insight about why I hate Jell-O. It is written with tongue in cheek, whatever that means, and may give cause to ponder some issues far more important to us all than a low-cost food item. I hope you will enjoy it in the spirit with which it is intended.

Some thoughts to consider;

  1. Jell-O takes the form of whatever acts upon it – it is infirm of purpose (sorry Shakespeare) – people can be like this too.
  2. Jell-O can be layered. This allows outside forces to affect it. (see point 1)
  3. Jell-O can be whipped into looking like something else-possibly masking hidden things like coconut and marshmallows. (or hidden agendas)
  4. Jell-O is sweet, possibly too sweet – sugar kills yo! It riles up the blood.
  5. Jell-O does not require the use of teeth to be eaten-unless it’s the gristly kind
  6. Jell-O shakes when you walk into the room – like it has something to hide.

By virtue of no reasons at all, am I not entitled to hate Jell-O in my own perfectly irrational way merely because it’s so different from other foods? Although, it appears harmless with a bounty of flavours and quasi-psychedelic-tinted-transparency, it’s the uncontrollable quivering that freaks me out when someone takes Jell-O out of the refrigerator.

How can food shake? Food that shakes is evil. It’s wrong in every way, and that’s that!* Nothing irrational to unpack here right?  Maybe this fear comes from watching the Blob on TV, or other frightening shows.The media is always reporting about the most important(popular) and therefore best ideas right? They wouldn’t lie to us. After all, any biases or social agendas of any sort are not professional or ethical in the news business. No media outlet would ever be shaking the minds of viewers by inciting controversy or LoCoDe** to drive-up their ratings?

All the Jell-O lovers in the world on social media, or speaking from a podium are not going to convince me of its goodness by saying,”Jell-O can make mealtime great again.” It will never work. So why is so much being served right now? Having visited the hospital and observing it shaking on tray after tray in a servery was reason enough to keep saying no, and keep my distance. If they’re serving Jell-O to sick people because it is easy to digest as part of the recovery process then something must be up. Be afraid of what can be whipped up and hidden inside.

I​ can say without fear of any significant recourse that I hate Jell-O.*** Here are some verbs to use that articulate my abject disdain for this useless and disgusting dessert; loathe, hate, dislike, unlove,  despise, detest, deplore, distrust, and fear.

How did fear get in with the others you ask? Hmm. Don’t we always hate what we fear? Do our life’s fears exaggerate misunderstandings which then in confusion lead us to hating something?

I know lots of people who hate spiders, rats, and snakes. They hate them so much that they can’t bear being anywhere nearby if they are present. I’ve heard of some who see other people like that too. I  have, on occasion referred to these folks as racists, bigots, and even candidates for office. So how can something so illogically irrational such as hatred and fear be the rallying cry in dividing a highly civilized world? Are segments of humankind going to the dogs, choosing to run in Superpacs?


This is not the dog that bit me. This is Ellablue.

When I was little, a dog bit me. At that moment, I didn’t understand why, and it made me afraid of dogs long afterwards, despite my fear I did not hate that dog. I never once tried to bite the dog in retaliation. However, it took some time and learning to resolve those fears, and an understanding that the dog was just being a dog by protecting its yard.

There are lots of people suffering from figurative dog bites. They’ve been bitten by misunderstanding, and if they encounter others who don’t share the same faith, beliefs, status, culture, education, or political affiliation rabidly succumb to fear and distrust. When faced with a stranger in their yard, their only response is to bark, lunge, and bite. No one is safe around an erratic or irrationally behaving dog whether it’s tethered or roaming around the countryside. Most would develop a healthy dislike for something like that, would naturally want to avoid it at all times, and would tell their friends to do the same. Not run towards it, right?

So is it fear or hate that keeps us from getting past what we don’t agree with, understand, or particularly like? What are you willing to admit that you hate? Could you replace the word hate with fear or struggle to understand? It’s OK to hate fear something that weirds us out like Jell-O or those creepy crawlies things, or a dog that bit us, but never another human being. As we confront others with difficulties differentiating between hate and fear at school, work, or in politics we need to put understanding and rational behaviour at the front of all times. Confrontation is not an option.

If we can get one thing right before it’s too late, let’s use our collective efforts to see the good and value in everyone and everything. If that means me getting over my unfounded fear of food that shakes in order to help others get over their xenophobia, bigotry, and ignorance then pass the bowl and a spoon.

You are here either via a FB, Twitter or perhaps by sheer curiosity with the title. Regardless of the reason, thank you. Please follow my blog, commenting, and sharing. It is greatly appreciated.

*I will go as far as publicly declaring that I have a fear of all food that shakes and since Jell-O is at the top of the shaky-food food-chain it is personal enemy number one. I’m not the only one, but admit to probably being the first to be so sweetly transparent about it(sigh). Albeit irrational, my dislike for the wiggly wonder which is Jell-O comes from years of hoping there would be something better for dessert, and that crunchy gristle that comes from not stirring the mix long enough while it’s being made. Yuck with a capital Yuh!
**Lowest common denominator = LoCoDe
***For the sake of time when I refer to Jell-O, I mean any and all gelatin dessert products. For the sake of this story Jell-O is a catch-all name serving as the standard like the name Kleenex gets used when people think about facial tissue? I wish no harm to the good folks who enjoy, serve, sell, or manufacture this product.

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