Ten steps too far…the dangerous vilification of teachers in Ontario

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As I read through the thoughts and experiences of fellow educators, it strikes me to the core on how much more work needs to be done in order to help an oblivious segment of the public to unlearn some harmful attitudes. As an educator it is all to clear their is a target placed on the backs of our profession. What hurts me the most is that teachers do not deserve to be backed into a corner or villified for fighting for our students nor the future of public education. Neither do teachers have intentions of turning their backs on such a crucial resource or to leave their fates in the hands of elected despots intent on lining the pockets of their cronies. I am proud to stand up to the those living lies and misunderstandings about what we do on behalf of the nearly 2 million students we serve everyday in our province.


It’s February 12th and the education stalemate between teacher unions and the government rages on with little end in sight, as a news release today announced that on February 21st, all four teacher unions will strike together in solidarity.

Labour disputes are common place between any organization that has unionized workers during a renegotiation of a contract – steel workers, automotive workers, miners, government employees, university and college employees and professors, nurses, teachers, police officers, firefighters, etc.

Despite these commonalities, no profession is vilified in labour disputes like teachers. 

For example, there was the advertising scandal care of  “Vaughan Working Families” which was uncovered to be a scam organization of conservative party affiliation which vilified Ontario teachers in three of our province’s largest newspapers: the Toronto Star, Globe and Mail and National Post.

Screen Shot 2020-02-12 at 4.01.35 PM

Then, there are the wonderful columns of the Toronto Sun’s Brian Lilley, trashing teachers left and right…

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