(Y)our racism is showing…again

Due to the traumatic nature of this post some readers might be triggered by the content shared below.

This post was started a while back and is being shared with a heavy heart as the remains of 215 First Nation children have been discovered in an umarked mass grave at a residential school in Kamloops, BC Canada. The map above indicates that this revelation is not only a travesty and a tragedy, but it may be only the start of even darker revelations relating to residential schools and their systemic racist treatment of First Nations Métis and Inuit communities.

Listening to the grief and relived trauma of the families and survivors is heart breaking.
This post is a call to listen, reflection, understanding, and then action. Thoughts and prayers are not enough.

Canada (y)our racism is showing again.

Hey Canada, (y)our racism is showing and there seems to be more and more cracks in the dam of dignity that has held the waters of truth, equity, and justice from flowing to First Nations, Inuit and Metis for far too long.

Your ability to dismiss and demean those whom you decreed as despicable through distorted doctrines definitely deserves it’s due damnation. This nation is now wakened again by the spirits of those buried and forgotten because of the cruelest of best intentions to remove the “Indian from the child”. Ever since that regrettable day of discovery by early Europeans we have been doing our darnedest to destroy everything about those who were here first with our dated and greedy settler dogmas.

How is it possible that we brag of our foundations on the rules of law, God’s law, and civility yet are incapable of honouring the contracts that we so craftily crafted? How have so many in “settler-nation” managed to grow so generationally ignorant yet prosper so greatly at the peril and misfortune of others?

How dare we dismiss those who looked after their nations long before we ever called this land and its waters our nation? Yet, you, me, us, we continue to benefit from the systems that stole and violated, cheated and created laws that decreed the land that was shared and settled upon was now ours and not theirs.
When land and resources were not enough, we came for the children.

Don’t tell me it is not our problem when our ancestors kidnapped and forced the children of countless First Nations to go to residential schools far from home, to be abused, to give up their language, be malnourished, to be abused, killed and never seen again. Don’t tell me the past is in the past because the present doesn’t want to acknowledge it.
Don’t tell me everything is alright after the Truth and Reconciliation Report and Recommendations.
Don’t offer your thoughts & prayers unless they come with lasting change and reparations.
Don’t tell me that your ancestors paid already when you benefit from privilege everyday.
Don’t tell me that this is about equality and opportunity for all when the system is rigged.
Don’t tell me that it is not a provincial matter when leadership is your only job.
Don’t promise that change is coming and wait for someone else to do it.
Don’t make excuses.

Listen to those who are grieving. Hear their stories without interrupting or tone shushing.
Mourn for and with those who have lost so much already and must now endure being retraumatized.
Accept that there is much more truth to reckon with here before true reconciliation can begin after so much harm.

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