You wore orange

You wore orange.
They tore your clothes,
the rips much deeper than the threads.

You wore orange.
They swore to save you from
what they could not understand.

You wore orange.
They found it too bright for
their darkened souls.

You wore orange.
They stole your shirt,
but not your sacred fire.


Can’t cannot dance, but Can Can can

It’s odd how some words can play so nicely together,
While others will never be birds of a feather.

Perhaps instead, I should have typed cannot?
However, for personal reasons, that way could not get got.

Since can’t wouldn’t fit, do I just kick it to the curb,
Only to use the other more acceptable verb?

Of course poetry with can’t instead of cannot could be done,
There are more ways to choreograph our words, than just one.

I wish that your words dance across screen and page without fear,
Because there are no purer places to share our thoughts so dear.

So can, can’t, and cannot may never waltz the dance floor together,
Because can’t cannot dance, but Can Can can however.