Your sensibilities

I was thinking about us.
Us as a collection of bystanders, well-wishers,
#hashtaggers, and emotional opportunists.

Us like you U separating from me. U see.
We need to talk because there’s got to be
more here than your thoughts/prayers.
This is going to be one of those
it’s not me,
it’s Y-O-U

Yes you, whose senses have lost their abilities.
Whose senseless inactions have become your inability…

To see what’s happening around you.
To feel that something was ever wrong.
To hear the voices screaming for your attention to listen.
To smell the stench of overgrown privilege, power, and position.
To taste nothing, but what is sweet and good on your overfilled plate.

Without ever knowing about those who go without regular meals but plenty of hate. Without a sniff of fresh air to break the stagnation and suffocation of choking systemic oppression. Without lending an ear to hear the voices that now rise louder than their past screams for justice so they are no longer silenced. Without feeling a moment of compassion or sorrow. Without your eyes ever beholding a better now or tomorrow.



Photo by Brandon Nickerson from Pexels

…ah shoo…eschew…Aa-aa-ah-CHOO.
Tissue isn’t the issue, when a single sneeze can silence a room.

An aural interruption that sounds like epidemiological gun fire.
Germ warfare is back, hoarding new soldiers, for its big battle.
Time slows while an entire space holds its collective breath.
Whose side are you on? Can I trust you? Can I be trusted?
Pandemic enters our discourse and gathering spaces.




Without a warning.
Powerless to hold it back.
A natural response is now an attack.
Thoughts racing through every soul within
and without 2 metres distance of the blast radius.

Droplets with unknown destinations and origins dispersed.
Droplets of anxious sweat forming on foreheads from what’s not known.
Distancing, dreading, decisions to make, do I have 14 days to give?
Knowing how 7 days without interaction makes one weak.
Could 14 make me stronger? Time to wait, write, and seek.

Can’t cannot dance, but Can Can can

It’s odd how some words can play so nicely together,
While others will never be birds of a feather.

Perhaps instead, I should have typed cannot?
However, for personal reasons, that way could not get got.

Since can’t wouldn’t fit, do I just kick it to the curb,
Only to use the other more acceptable verb?

Of course poetry with can’t instead of cannot could be done,
There are more ways to choreograph our words, than just one.

I wish that your words dance across screen and page without fear,
Because there are no purer places to share our thoughts so dear.

So can, can’t, and cannot may never waltz the dance floor together,
Because can’t cannot dance, but Can Can can however.